Alfred Hitchcock is one of my all time favorite directors. As the master of suspense he just knew how to make amazing suspense films with ease. Psycho is one of his most memorable because it was so cutting edge for the time and took risks nobody had taken in the genre before. Having seen this movie before, I already knew what happens but I was still glued to the screen. I guess thats the magic of Hitchcock.

Seeing psycho on the big screen added a lot to it that I didn’t realize the other times I watched it. Like the scene where Norman is disposing of the body and sinking the car in the lake. I instantly took notice that there was no dialogue for the entire sequence which was interesting because it was one of the longer scenes in the film but there really wasn’t a need for the dialogue. While watching him do this in silence you start to hold your breath because you aren’t sure what he’s going to do next. We knew that the money Marion hid in the newspaper was just sitting there out in the open for Norman to take easily but instead we are drawn to Normans actions and watching what he’ll do. The money became overshadowed by Normans eye drawing presence in the scene. Watching on the big screen helped me see how well done that scene was.

I also want to mention that the music and the lighting and visuals couldn’t have been any more perfect. Like in the shower scene, the music was perfect and added extra suspense to the scene that wouldn’t have been there if the music was different which is probably why that scene and that music is so famous. I love the fact that Hitchcock chose to do this in black in white. After doing such visual eye candy as Vertigo, it might have seemed to be dumb to do a film in black and white by choice but it was the right decision. The shadows also worked perfectly to show suspense and the mood. Actually, everything in this film was down right creepy from the stuffed birds to the Bates house to that policeman following and watching Marion.

Again, seeing this on the big screen really increased my love for this film. As a huge Hitchcock fan I’ve always loved it as a great suspense film to watch every now and then but now I rank it up there as one Hitchcocks all time best films ever. While I still think Vertigo is his best film(and one of my favorites of all time) this is an amazing one and Norman Bates is one of the most interesting characters ever.

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  1. zen629 Says:

    Yes, the music and lighting also is a main condition to make people scare, of course with the character’s facial expression is a good match.

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